Tips from a Funeral Service in Chicago, IL for Honoring Deceased Loved Ones

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It can be extremely difficult for many people to think of a way to appropriately honor the memory of a loved one, whether it’s at their funeral or afterward. It might seem impossible to move on from such a loss, but eventually we all must do it.

The grieving process is healthy and necessary, albeit difficult. Many people go through this process in different ways, choosing their own methods of honoring their deceased loved one. Here are just a few ideas you might consider:

  • Lighting candles: There’s a reason candlelight vigils are so common and popular: because they are simple, and because they are truly touching and emotional. As you light a candle, you think of memories you shared with your loved one and bask in the warmth of the flame. Having a special “remembrance” candle is a great way to constantly find yourself remembering and honoring your loved one.
  • Carrying on their work: Did your loved one leave behind a project they were unable to finish? It can be an extremely cathartic and powerful experience to finish that project for them, according to their design. This could be something like a woodworking project, a project around the house, a sewing project, etc. Doing this is an excellent tribute to their memory, as it brings you closer to them by participating in something they were passionate about.
  • Visit their grave: If your loved one had a traditional burial, visiting the grave can give you a sense of physical closeness that you might be missing. Keeping the area well-tended and marked with flowers can also help you feel as though you are still in communication with your loved one.
  • Collect photos: Make a scrapbook or a slideshow featuring some of your favorite photos of your loved one. It’s amazing how emotionally fulfilling it can be to revisit these old memories and collect them all into a single album or slideshow.
  • Share stories: Whether it’s at the funeral, the reception or even years afterward, share stories with friends and family about your loved one. These stories are great not just for remembrance, but for bonding and laughing with others who also loved the deceased.
  • Plant a tree: Planting a tree is a traditional way to honor recently deceased people, as it has a “from death comes life” sort of element to it. Whether you plant a tree on your own property or sponsor a tree to be planted elsewhere, there are plenty of options for you to make it work. As the tree grows, so will your memory and love for your loved one.
  • Write down your memories: Some people are afraid their memories of their loved one will wane over the years after their passing. If this is a concern for you, try writing down some of your favorite stories about your loved one to revisit later.

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