You Have Options When It Comes to Crematory Services in Chicago, IL

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When someone has passed away, they are typically either cremated or have a traditional burial. While some prefer to be buried in a cemetery, there are others who have decided prior to their death (or whose family has decided) that they will be cremated. Should someone believe that cremation is the best option for themselves or their loved one, they should keep in mind that there are a number of crematory services that they can choose between.

Here are some of the different types of options people can take advantage of when they use crematory services in Chicago, IL:

  • Direct cremation services: Should someone decide to have direct cremation services, they are expecting a simple service. This entails the body being cremated and the remains being returned to their family. With this service, there is no memorial, funeral or different type of ceremony celebrating the deceased’s life. This can be the choice of the family or the deceased, and oftentimes the ashes are taken home with a loved one, scattered or buried.
  • Funeral service: Although some people have chosen cremation as an option, there may still be a funeral service. When a funeral service is held, the body is often available for viewing prior to the cremation. Typically, the body is placed in a rented casket during visitation and the funeral ceremony, which are both held at a funeral home or church. Following these two events, the body is then cremated and returned to the family. It is similar to a typical funeral except that in many situations the urn is not buried, although it can be if that is requested.
  • Memorial service: A memorial service is a celebration that typically takes place after the body has been cremated. During the service, family and friends gather at someone’s home, a church or another location to celebrate someone’s life. It is up to the family or the deceased what will happen to the ashes, but in many cases during the memorial service, the ashes are scattered or buried. They may also simply be taken home with the family to be placed in a special location.
  • Scattering ceremony: Prior to death, when a person has made it clear that they want to be cremated, they may have also planned for their ashes to be scattered somewhere meaningful. Some people consider this to be similar to burying someone in a casket, but with this option they can choose for their ashes to be scattered almost anywhere they want. During this type of ceremony, people can speak a few words about the deceased, read poems or even have prayers said by minister or other officiant.

Whether a person is cremated or buried, their life should be celebrated in whatever way they or their loved ones see fit. People often believe that when a person is cremated they don’t have many options when it comes to services offered, but this is not true. Although a person can choose direct cremation, they or their family members are not limited to this one option.

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