Honor Loved Ones by Incorporating Mementos Into Funeral or Memorial Services in Chicago, IL

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Losing a family member is hard, especially when you were close or their death was sudden. And there’s no one right way to grieve. Some people want to be surrounded by friends and family, some seek professional support and others shut down for a while. The key is to do what makes you comfortable, what quells a majority of the hurt. To help you and others through the coping process, consider holding a private or public memorial service in remembrance. At that time, plan on displaying mementos and any of your loved one’s personal items you know they wouldn’t mind sharing, because doing so is beneficial to those who are grieving, like you.

Here are some mementos you may want to incorporate into memorial services in Chicago, IL when honoring your loved ones:

  • Photos: Whether you decide to put together a simple picture book or a detailed slide show, having a lot of photos of your lost loved one at the memorial is one of the best ways to remember them. Baby pictures, school photos, a mix of funny and slightly embarrassing pictures—let everyone see them as they lived.
  • Home videos: Like photographs, home movies are good to have at memorial services in Chicago, IL. However, playing video that shows the departed up and moving around may not be for everyone. What you can do is set this up in a different room or space away from the main service where family and friends can watch the video without further upset to others.
  • Memory boards: Through pictures and all sorts of personal memorabilia, family and friends of the person being remembered can create lovely memory boards that highlight their life. Either ask everyone to send you pictures and kind words written on paper so you can create scrapbook-like boards, or invite folks to join you and make it a group activity.
  • A prayer chain: While anyone can create or contribute to a prayer chain, it is an especially good thing for children to do. It’s a way for kids to express their feelings, even though they may not fully understand what has happened. As an example, a group of school kids made a beautiful prayer chain for their teacher when the teacher was sick. Later, as a memento, it was draped along the teacher’s coffin.
  • Personal work: It’s also important to remember who the person was. At their memorial service, it might be soothing to display some of their personal work. If the deceased was an artist, bring in paintings, photography, sculptures and other works of art to add a truly personalized touch.

A memorial service is also a time to reflect on the person’s life, which is why we encourage family and friends to incorporate a lot of personal items into the service, like the ones mentioned above. From funeral to memorial services in Chicago, IL, Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. is here to help. We strive to meet all the individual needs of each family. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about our memorial services.

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