Planning a Personalized Funeral Service in Westchester, IL

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The professionals at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. are dedicated to bringing you customized and compassionate funeral services that are specifically tailored to your needs. One of the most crucial parts of that process is to create a service that meets the unique desires of both you and the deceased. That’s why we offer a variety of different types of services, including same-day visitation, cremation visitation, gravesite services and traditional full funeral services. Each proceeding is crafted specifically to best suit any specific requests. It’s this special attention to detail that has allowed us to take pride in our ability to never offer a “cookie cutter” or one-size-fits-all funeral service for the past decade.

Read on to learn more about your different options for a funeral service in Westchester, IL when you trust us with the process.

Traditional funeral service

A traditional funeral service includes a visitation where the mourners can gather together in a church or other space to express their condolences and remember the loved one who has passed. This tends to be followed by a service commemorating and celebrating the life of the deceased. Based on your needs and the anticipated amount of attendees, common location choices include a funeral home chapel, place of worship, at home or at the graveside. Each decision will be up to you and the desires of the deceased. The last component is the procession to the cemetery, where a graveside ceremony may be held prior to the burial. This process isn’t fixed, though, so feel free to rearrange the order or add additional elements as you see fit.

Cremation services

It’s becoming more and more common for a loved one to opt for a cremation instead of a traditional burial. This doesn’t mean you’re unable to have a funeral or memorial service, though. With a cremation, you can have a viewing prior to the actual cremation, or a memorial service with friends and family following the cremation. Our professional staff will be on hand throughout the entire cremation process to help you celebrate and remember the deceased in the best way possible.

Complete customization

At Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd., we know that remembering a loved one isn’t a “cookie cutter” thing. That’s why we take pride in our ability to accommodate whatever requests you have to personalize the service in any way you see fit, or to fit the desires expressed by the deceased in their will. Each aspect of a funeral is totally dependent on these wants. For example, you might want to do both the service and memorial graveside, as opposed to having a visitation at a church or funeral home prior to the burial. Other families opt to skip the funeral service entirely and have a memorial service at home following the cremation instead. Our sensitive team of experienced professionals will work with you to help you create the perfect way to remember your loved one.

Call us today to learn more about what to expect from a funeral service in Westchester, IL, and to schedule a meeting with our staff.

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