Five Benefits of Pre-Arranged Funeral Services in Westchester, IL

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Pre-arranging funeral services in Westchester, IL is often part of estate planning. In addition to determining who your property is distributed and how your loved ones continue to receive support, many clients also plan their funerals, too. This is an excellent option if you wish to make everything easier on loved ones and assure your wishes are respected. Here are five benefits to pre-arranged funeral services:

  • Less time pressure: A funeral, especially a large one, frequently involves as much planning as a wedding. However, while no one would ever think to take on nuptial plans in just a few days, or even a week, unfortunately that occurs frequently with funerals. This can become especially stressful on family if your death is unexpected. Planning now reduces this pressure later so loved ones do not have to deal with complex details while also managing their grief. All they have to do is put your plan in motion and leave the details up to us.
  • Your decisions control: There are many details in a funeral that can overwhelm your loved ones. Some of them are simple, such as the preference for cremation over burial or whether you want an open or closed casket funeral. Also, if you practice a different religion from the rest of your family, you may have ritual or burial preferences that they are not aware of. We also come across transgender clients who want to assure they are dressed in a way that is consistent with their gender identity and have their current names on service publications and grave markers. From the very basic plans to the more sensitive, making plans now assures your loved ones respect your wishes.
  • Cost control: When you pre-arrange funeral services, you often start paying for them, too. You may have enough in your estate to cover funeral expenses, but there is no guarantee your loved ones will be able to access those funds before probate begins. Funerals can become expensive, especially if you desire many guests. Money will also stress out your loved ones when you die, so you can alleviate that concern as well with pre-planning.
  • Empowerment: If you are terminally ill, you likely already feel like everything is beyond your control. Pre-arranging their own funeral often brings peace of mind to clients as well as a sense of empowerment. Even if you cannot control your condition, you can influence how you exit this world. This reassures you and your family.
  • Meaning: A funeral offers closure to survivors. When your loved ones know that your funeral matches your wishes and reflects your memory well, this helps them manage grief better. It will still be a tough transition for them—that much is for certain. However, they will rest in the fact that your memory was honored in a truly unique way that reflects what you brought to their worlds.

Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. serves the greater Chicago area by offering a variety of services to our clients, including pre-arranged funeral services Westchester, IL. Call us today to start the planning process.

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