Personalize a Funeral Service with the Addition of Treasured Mementos

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Gathering together to celebrate the life of a loved one is a beautiful time to remember the wonderfully unique life they lived. It’s important to remember that the deceased is much more than someone who has passed away, but a special individual who led a distinctive life and built many personal connections.

One of the best ways to celebrate the beauty of their life is with the addition of a personal memento to the service and in the casket. Oftentimes, the deceased may have expressed a desire to be buried with important keepsakes or personal mementos, or to have them on display during the funeral service in Westchester, IL. Remembering their interests, hobbies and passions is a wonderful way to continue to celebrate who they were. While there are a variety of items that might be put on display during the service or placed into the casket, here are just a few of the most common selections:

  • Photographs: Consider creating a photo board displaying some of their happiest moments, such as a wedding, graduation or birth of a child. Remember to make a copy of any photos you want to place in the casket, though, so you’ll always have the original to help you also cherish these special moments.
  • Wedding rings: A wedding ring is a special item that represents the bond and love between a couple. That beautiful connection doesn’t end in death. Opting to place a wedding ring within the casket is a wonderful way to continue to cherish that relationship.
  • Military memorabilia: Military service is something to be proud of. Placing dog tags, an American flag, medals or even a uniform on display during the service will serve as a constant form of thanks for their military service.
  • Personal letters: Writing a letter to the deceased can be a comforting and therapeutic process. These letters are the perfect opportunity to say anything that was left unsaid, or to reinforce your love for them and the impact they had on your life. They can either be collected in a special scrapbook or placed into the casket. While these letters might never be read publicly, they can assist greatly with the grieving process.
  • Cherished treasures: During life, we each accumulate a number of items that are incredibly important to us. These items can differ greatly for each person, and oftentimes might not make sense to others. For example, an avid sports fan might want their favorite signed jersey placed in the casket, while another person might opt for their personal artwork to be on display during the service.

At Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd., we understand that each funeral service in Westchester, IL is uniquely crafted to remember your loved one. That’s why we always go above and beyond to incorporate any personal mementos. One of our most touching experiences was when a group of schoolchildren created a prayer chain for their sick teacher, which was later draped along her casket during the service. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about keeping the memory of your loved one strong throughout the funeral service by incorporating personal items.

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