Cremation Urns in Westchester, IL and Other Ideas for Cremains

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Cremation urns in Westchester, IL are the traditional depository for cremated remains (also known as “cremains”). Since cremation is becoming a more popular decision, new companies offer new options for handling cremains that go beyond traditional urns. Most of these do not require all the cremains, so you can exercise several options at once. Here are six ideas for cremains:

  • Scattering ashes: Survivors frequently take all or some of the cremains to a specific location for scattering. This can be a beloved spot of the deceased, or even a homestead space where they wish to spend eternity. Before you set out to accomplish this mission, check local laws regarding the scattering of remains—sometimes, you require a permit. This is less problematic on private land; however, you should still secure permission if it belongs to someone other than the deceased or a family member.
  • Burial: Even if the deceased requests cremation, you can still bury the remains in a cemetery so survivors can visit the site. Since this is much less involved than burying a casket, it costs less and still creates a marked site that blends into the cemetery. This also offers the option of cremating and then burying the cremains above a deceased spouse or loved one who underwent a traditional burial.
  • Hand-blown glass: There are companies that take one tablespoon of cremains and swirl it into a glass piece. This unique piece of art appeals to many people for its decorative purposes as well as its sentimental value. It also presents the option of providing mementos to several family members. If you decide to commission this service, pay extra for a name plate to go with your glass orb so it does not accidentally end up in a garage sale. In addition to glass orbs, companies also produce jewelry and paperweights made with a swirl of cremains.
  • Vinyl records: A shop in the U.K. swirls cremains into a vinyl record featuring your loved one’s favorite music, voice recording or other sounds. If the deceased created and recorded music as well as loved listening to it, this creates a particularly meaningful memento.
  • Tree saplings: Companies also produce memorial tree urns where the cremains help grow a sapling into a tree. You can choose from many species including cherry, oak or willow. If the deceased was a nature lover or owned a large plot of land that continues under family ownership, this is an especially appealing way to honor them.
  • The columbarium: A columbarium is like a mausoleum, except instead of bodies at rest, these contain vaults with cremains. You choose an urn and it is placed in a vault with the deceased’s name, birth and death dates. If you do not feel comfortable keeping an urn at home and do not want to pay for a cemetery burial, this may be a good option. Like burial, this also provides a spot where family and friends can visit and view.

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