Ideas for Creative Funerals and Memorials from a Funeral Home in Westchester, IL

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As you go through your end of life planning, you might find yourself wondering what type of funeral or memorial service you would like to have. While many people opt for extremely traditional religious ceremonies, you should also feel more than free to change it up and go with something creative and unique. After all, the point of the service is for it to be a celebration of your life, so it should reflect your personality and wishes.

There is an unlimited amount of ideas you could choose from. Here are some creative ones we have seen over the years at our funeral home in Westchester, IL:

  • Potluck or barbecue memorials: This may be a “weather permitting” idea, depending on what your vision for it is, but many people like to add a sense of community and remove some of the formality associated with funerals by arranging for a potluck or barbecue meal that is less planned out and rigid than a typical funeral or memorial. People often find this makes guests more comfortable and allows for a more authentic sharing of memories.
  • Themed services based on the deceased’s hobbies or interests: If, for example, you are an avid golfer, you may choose to have your memorial service at the clubhouse of the course you most frequently played. If you enjoy brewing your own beer, you might wish to have some of your homebrew on tap at the memorial. If you are a big fan of a sports team, you might request guests show up wearing their sports apparel. All of these are unique, fun ideas to add some personalization to your service and make it feel more genuine.
  • Ash spreading services: More people than ever before are choosing to be cremated rather than buried, which means ash spreading ceremonies are also becoming more common. You might request that your loved ones gather at a site that’s special to you where your ashes will be scattered. Of course, you must make sure you follow all local and federal laws associated with the scattering of ashes. For example, many national parks or archaeological sites do not allow for ashes to be scattered.
  • Tree planting: Another common memorial idea that has gained in popularity in recent years is a tree planting ceremony. The idea is that, as one life ends, another is just beginning, and so long as the tree grows it will stand in memory of you. It’s a simple, beautiful type of ceremony that is certain to leave behind an impression.
  • Video messages: Some people also choose to leave behind video messages to be played at their memorial services. This can add a touch of humor and sentimentality to your service and give people a chance to hear some final words straight from your mouth.

These are just a few of the many types of creative ideas we have seen at our funeral home in Westchester, IL. For more tips, contact us at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd.

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