Planning Memorial Services in Westchester, IL for Veterans

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When a loved one passes away, a memorial service gives family and friends the opportunity to remember and honor the life they lived. It provides a personal tribute to the individual who was lost and can include unique elements to further showcase and celebrate their life. If the individual who has passed served their country in the military, there are many ways that you can honor their sacrifice during their memorial service:

  • Display items that represent their military service: One of the simplest ways to bring attention to the time that your loved one spent in the military is to display things that represent and symbolize their service. Perhaps your loved one has military decorations from their time served, or still has their uniform. Items like these can be displayed at memorial services in Westchester, IL as an homage to this meaningful portion of their life.
  • Invite other veterans close to your loved one to participate in the service: This can be as simple as inviting other veterans to wear their service uniforms or other symbols of their service to the memorial. You can also ask some of these friends to recall special memories that they have of your loved one during their time spent in the military. This gives those in attendance the chance to hear about the time that your loved one served, and it might even provide you with the opportunity to learn something you didn’t know about your family member.
  • Request donations towards a veterans’ organization in lieu of flowers: When friends and family hear about the passing of a loved one, they often want to send flowers in order to offer condolences. If helping veterans was a cause that was dear to your loved one, you can request that donations be made to a local veterans’ resource center in lieu of other gifts. This is a wonderful way to honor the passing of your family member and their military service. 
  • Incorporate a ceremonial flag folding into the memorial service: The Department of Defense offers special military funeral honors to those who have served in the United States Military. One of the most notable aspects of military memorial proceedings is the ceremonial folding and presentation of the flag. During this display, a two-person military detail will fold the flag into a tri-cornered shape and present it to a designated family member. This service, along with others, is offered free of charge and can add a deeply symbolic element to memorial services in Westchester, IL for a veteran.

If you are in the process of making final arrangements for a loved one, we can help. At Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd., our first priority is ensuring that your family member’s wishes are followed and that they are given a funeral or memorial service that sincerely honors their life and their dedication to service. Our staff can walk you through every aspect of the planning process and help provide the information and resources that you need to plan a beautiful memorial service for your loved one. Contact us for assistance in planning memorial services in Westchester, IL for the veteran in your life.

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