How to Handle Last-Minute Funeral Arrangements

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You have a dear friend whose mom passes away all of a sudden from a heart attack. Now your friend is completely overwhelmed trying to handle all the funeral arrangements, having made no plans for what to do in this surprising situation. Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve had this experience in your own life—or worry that it could happen in the future.

At Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd., we understand that the unexpected happens, and we’re here to help. Below are some tips to help you deal with last-minute arrangements for funeral services or cremation service in Westchester, IL.

Get in touch with a good funeral home

The best first step you can take is locating a good funeral home as soon as possible. A lot of places only give you a short window of time to designate where to send the body of your loved one, and if they are currently at a hospital, the hospital may take it upon themselves to pick somewhere for you if they don’t hear back promptly.

The last thing you want right now is to go through this process alone. A reputable, caring funeral home like ours can help you organize the tasks ahead, and give you guidance about your options and how to handle what’s coming up.

Work from the top down

When you’re working under pressure to give your loved one the dignity they deserve in their passing, it can be overwhelming trying to get everything accomplished. Take a deep breath, and just focus on one thing at a time. First, determine where to take your loved one’s body. Next, get in touch with relatives and friends who should know about this sad turn of events, and who can offer their support and help with the planning process. After that, contact any necessary family authorities, such as attorneys, in case there are specific instructions decided on ahead of time regarding proceedings in the event of death. Then decide on a date and time for the service. These are just a few suggestions, so work with your support group and funeral home as you go along. You’ll soon see that things will start to fall into place and become less overwhelming.

Decide how best to honor the deceased’s wishes

If the deceased did have a request about what to do with their body, now is the time to start implementing that wish. For example, they may want to be buried in a casket following a traditional funeral service. Or, they may want to be cremated. Perhaps they stipulated a memorial service without a casket, followed by a private burial. Whatever the request, we can help you put the plan into action smoothly, so you and your family and friends can focus on honoring and remembering your loved one without stressing over details.

Whether you have lots of time to prepare or no time at all, Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. is here to provide the best cremation and funeral services in Westchester IL. Give us a call today so we can help you through this difficult time.

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