Helping Children with Grief and Loss

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For children, the death of a friend, parent or family member can be a traumatizing emotional experience. Helping them move forward with the mourning process is a necessary yet challenging undertaking. Understanding the role that funeral homes in Westchester, IL play in assisting with the grieving process can be a valuable tool as you help the child in your life cope with their grief.

As you begin the process of informing a child about the death of their loved one, here are some of the best ways to approach this task:

  • Tell them immediately: The worst way for a child to learn about the death of a loved one is for them to hear it through whispers and gossip. If a family member has passed away, children should be told immediately and directly. The closest surviving family member should be the one to inform the child about the loss, as this is whom the child is most likely to trust.
  • Avoid euphemisms: Children, especially younger children in a state of shock, are likely to interpret things literally. If you say that their family member has gone to sleep, they will be expecting them to wake up. Telling them the truth in frank, yet delicate, terms is the best way to approach this task.
  • Expect questions: A child may ask several questions about the death of their loved one, and may even ask the same questions repeatedly. This is because they are trying to process the information. Don’t lose patience with a child, even though it may be challenging to answer the same difficult questions over and over again.
  • Prepare them for what comes next: For children who have never experienced a close familial loss before, the process of grieving and closure can be extremely difficult to understand. Talking to your child about what will occur before funeral services and what will happen when they visit funeral homes in Westchester, IL will make the grieving process easier for them to handle.
  • Emotional expectations: Children process loss differently than adults, and may not immediately show sadness when hearing about a death. They often are unable to process the information, and the reality of the situation may not hit them until much, much later. It is important to be patient with the child as they process the news of the death. You should never place a set of emotional expectations on a child.
  • Preserving memories: The memories of the child’s loved one can be preserved in many ways. Children, especially younger children, may not be able to remember the deceased when they grow older. Preserving photographs, retelling good memories and attending a meaningful service at a funeral home in Westchester, IL are the best ways to help the child preserve the memories of their loved one.

For more than a decade, Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. has been one of the most delicate and dedicated funeral homes in Westchester, IL. We are committed to helping children and adults alike to process their grief and cope with the loss of their loved ones. To learn about the funerary services that we offer, reach out to one of our professional team members today.

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