What to Wear to a Funeral or Memorial Service

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Attending a funeral or memorial service is a challenging and rewarding action that can provide family members and loved ones of the deceased with a sense of closure. For many attendees, however, funerals can be overly formal and may result in a sense of discomfort if not prepared for properly. Knowing how to dress and present yourself at a memorial service in Westchester, IL can mitigate the potential for discomfort, and allow you to focus on the service and the memory of the decedent.

There are many differing guidelines and suggestions dictating what is and what is not appropriate to wear to funeral services in Westchester, IL. While the exact dress code of each individual funeral service may differ depending on the wishes of the decedent and the family members hosting the memorial service in Westchester, IL, here are some important rules of thumb to keep in mind:

  • Keep it conservative: Funeral services often bring together a diverse group of the decedent’s friends, loved ones and family members. To avoid the possibility of offending someone attending the service, it is always best to dress like you might for a job interview. Any tattoos that you may have should be covered, and hair should be worn in a natural and professional-looking style. If there is a possibility that your clothing may distract someone else in attendance, you should probably change.
  • Black is the new black: For any memorial service in Westchester, IL, black is the safest color to wear. Other colors may be permissible, so long as they are not too bright or cheerful-looking. Keeping your colors muted and respectful will allow other attendees to focus on the funeral service.
  • Military uniforms: It is almost always acceptable to don military regalia when attending funeral services, especially if the decedent was a fellow service member. In some cases, it may be acceptable to don other civil service outfits, such as a policeman’s or fireman’s formal wear. If you are unsure if wearing a uniform is appropriate for this particular service, ask the organizer.
  • Wearing jewelry: If you are planning to wear jewelry to a memorial service, it should be as understated as possible. Large gemstones, highly reflective surfaces and oversized necklaces are almost always inappropriate at funeral services in Westchester, IL. Additionally, some jewelry may make noises, such as clinking sounds, when worn. These adornments should be avoided at all costs.
  • Follow survivor requests: At the end of the day, the survivors of the decedent or the decedent’s last wishes will have final say in what is appropriate to wear to the funeral services. Some survivors hoping to have a more celebratory memorial service in Westchester, IL, for instance, may request that attendees wear brighter colors to the service.

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