Six Ways to Make Sure You’re Choosing the Right Funeral Home

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Burying a loved one can be a very difficult and emotionally draining experience. One day you were sitting with them on the couch having coffee and a conversation, and the next day they’re gone. Although they are no longer here, there is still one final thing you can do to honor them—give them a proper burial. When selecting a funeral home, you want an establishment that not only respects you, but also practices gentle care from the time your loved one arrives at the home until burial or cremation.

Take your time making this decision. Here are six ways to make sure you are choosing the right funeral home for funeral services in Westchester, IL:

  • Talk to people you know: Death is not an easy subject to talk about; in fact, it makes many people uncomfortable. If you know someone well enough who has a loved one who’s passed, ask them about the funeral home that helped them through the planning process. This is a great place to start.
  • Check out company websites: One of the first steps you probably took was going online and searching for nearby funeral homes. Make sure to review company websites. Their website should be up to date and filled with relevant information and current contact info. Read the text under important tabs to learn more about them, their services and the experiences their customers have had.
  • Read reviews: Once you have a list of a few local funeral homes, it’s now time to find reviews from people who have utilized their services. Look for reviews on social media sites like Facebook, online forums and review sites like Yelp. Read reviews carefully and note red flags in comments. You may also want to request customer references from the funeral homes on your list.
  • Check with the BBB: The Better Business Bureau is a fantastic source to look up a company’s historical information. The BBB keeps records of complaints against a company and issues a business may have had. While you can find negative information, you can also learn if a specific funeral home is being praised for a job well done.
  • Ask how long they’ve been in business: The most reputable funeral homes have been in business for many years, and they have strong ties to their community. However, keep in mind that a funeral home that’s only been in business a short time could also be providing excellent services.
  • Take tours of facilities: A funeral home with a good reputation and excellent ratings will likely offer family members a tour of their facility, or honor the request for one. You might want to question a funeral home that won’t show you around.

Whether you need assistance with funeral planning in Westchester, IL after the unexpected death of a loved one, or are wanting to pre-arrange your own funeral service plans, you can count on the compassionate staff at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. We are your trusted local funeral home offering caring, professional and customized funeral services to families and their loved ones. Contact us today for more information.

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