How to Spot Scams on the Bereaved

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After the loss of a loved one, most people are left in an exceptionally vulnerable emotional state. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous businesses that take advantage of this vulnerability. If someone close to you recently lost a spouse, loved one or family member, you should pay close attention to any suspicious activity that may be occurring around them. Diligent friends and family members can help spare bereaved individuals from suffering further pain.

There are a number of different ongoing scams preying on bereaved individuals. These scams typically target elderly individuals living on fixed incomes. If you suspect that someone close to you is the target of a bereavement scam, you should consult with experts in end of life planning in Westchester, IL. They will help you determine if someone is offering a legitimate service to the bereaved individual, or if they are targeting them for money.

Here are just some of the most common scams targeting bereaved individuals:

  • Contracts of the deceased: In this scam, a caller will phone the bereaved individual, claiming to be a service provider offering tree trimming, home renovations or automotive services to the decedent. The caller will claim the decedent scheduled the service prior to their death, and will ask for payment because the service appointment was missed.
  • Engraved trinkets: Some unscrupulous companies will mail specially engraved trinkets with the names and birthdates of the decedent and the bereaved. These trinkets, often lockets or watches, are accompanied by a letter claiming that the decedent ordered them prior to their death. They typically demand payment in exchange for delivery.
  • Delinquent life insurance premiums: During this scam, a fake life insurance agent will call the bereaved with another scammer on the line posing as a representative of the funeral home preparing the decedent’s memorial service. They will claim that the decedent didn’t pay their life insurance premiums, and that a certain amount of money must be paid to release funds to the funeral home.
  • Overdue taxes: One of the most sinister schemes targeting bereaved individuals is the claim that the decedent owes overdue taxes. The scammer will call the bereaved identifying themselves as an IRS agent. They may offer a phony badge number, and threaten to have the bereaved individual arrested if the back taxes aren’t paid.

Proper end of life planning in Westchester, IL can help families avoid the pain and embarrassment of falling victim to a bereavement scam.

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