How to Buy a Headstone

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There are a number of sensitive decisions to make during the end of life planning process. For many families and individuals, choosing which headstone to use to commemorate their lost loved one can be a challenging task. Coordinating extensively with a funeral home in Westchester, IL can help make the process of selecting a headstone substantially easier.

Whether you are purchasing a headstone for your own end of life planning or are buying one for a loved one who is recently deceased, there are a number of things you should consider before engaging in the headstone buying process.

Choosing a headstone

First, you should determine the type and style of headstone that will honor and commemorate the spirit of the decedent. Here are just some of the different headstone styles available:

Each of these headstone styles can be made out of several different types of materials, depending on the conditions where you live and your budget. No headstone style is inherently superior to another. The type of headstone you choose should always be based on the wishes of the decedent, the wishes of the bereaved and your budget. You should never select a headstone that you will be unable to afford down the line.

Completing the purchase

Secondly, you will have to go through the process of actually purchasing the headstone. Once you’ve determined the style of headstone you wish to use to commemorate your loved one, you will have to decide on the material you’d like the headstone to be made from.

Marble and bronze are the most common types of headstone material used today. They are aesthetically pleasing and last for extended periods of time, even when exposed to harsh elements. Marble and limestone are also beautiful substances; however, they have a tendency to wear down and degrade prematurely.

You should also compare prices from headstone sellers, and see who is offering the best deal. Be sure to consult with the funeral home in Westchester, IL that you are working with to determine if they offer any partner discounts from trusted headstone purveyors. Be wary of online headstone sellers. The final product may not look the way it appeared online.

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You can trust us for sound advice if you are in the midst of end of life planning, or if you are dealing with the unexpected loss of a loved one. Our sensitive staff is here to help you through the bereavement process. Reach out to one of our friendly and knowledgeable professionals today to learn more about our funeral planning services.

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