Planning a Funeral in Westchester, IL: Prepare Yourself for Unexpected Expenses

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Most people realize there are many expenses associated with planning a funeral in Westchester, IL. The casket, flowers, burial plot and funeral service are obvious costs. However, many don’t realize the additional expenses that are incurred with these items. When you add all of these up, the total can feel overwhelming, if you’re not prepared for it.

The following are costs that many people don’t factor into their funeral budget. Keep these in mind if you are making arrangements for yourself or a loved one:

  • Gravesite: Many people have a family grave plot already in place. They assume that since this was paid for previously, there will be no further costs associated with the burial site. This is not true. You must still pay to make use of the space. Fees include opening and closing the grave. The costs of these services may be higher if the funeral is held on the weekend.
  • Announcements: Newspaper obituaries often involve a cost. Some brief death notices may be free in some papers, but many charge a fee to print a longer obituary. If you would like to include more than basic information about your loved one and their passing, expect to pay for the printing of their obituary. The cost depends on the length, but it could be several hundred dollars.
  • Casket: You may be surprised by the price tag on these items. Keep in mind, they range greatly based on materials and style. Plain caskets can be as low as a few hundred dollars, but more finely crafted, detailed caskets can cost several thousand dollars. It is up to each individual to decide how much they want to spend in this category.
  • Vault: Depending on where the burial takes place, you may be required to use a vault. This is a chamber inside the grave that prevents the ground from sinking in over the burial site. If your budget is tight, find out if this is actually required or simply recommended when planning a funeral in Westchester, IL. The cost can be anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars.
  • Flowers: If you’ve attended funerals in the past, you’ve probably seen the beautiful flower arrangements present at these services. These are not included with the base price of the funeral. Expect to spend several hundred dollars on flower arrangements. Again, this ranges greatly depending on your selection. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there will be at least some cost in this category.

Funeral Planners Can Help

Navigating these costs and the many decisions associated with them can feel overwhelming, especially during a time of loss and grieving. It is easy to become burdened with unexpected costs. To make these difficult times easier, plan ahead. Contact an experienced funeral planner to make advance arrangements. If you are currently planning a funeral in Westchester, IL, this professional is also a great source. They can guide you through what to expect regarding funeral services and their related costs and help you make informed decisions that work within your budget. Contact the helpful staff at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. today to begin this process.

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