What Are the Different Types of Funeral Services in Westchester, IL?

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Did you know that not all funeral services are the same? To meet the needs of different families and individuals, funeral service providers offer various types of funerals. Following are the most common types of funeral services in Westchester, IL:

  • Funeral service: The traditional funeral service in Westchester, IL is a formal ceremony. It is based on the religion and culture of the deceased. The ceremony typically involves readings, hymns and a eulogy. Loved ones pay their last respects as they visit the casket. The service typically takes place within a few days of the deceased’s passing and is held at a funeral parlor or church.
  • Memorial service: The main difference between a memorial service and a funeral service in Westchester, IL is that the deceased’s body is not present at a memorial. This service takes place after the person has been buried or cremated. It is typically more of a celebration of their life than a mourning of their death. It may be held outdoors or at any venue of the loved ones’ choosing and can take place immediately following the deceased’s passing or weeks or even months later.
  • Graveside service: Also referred to as a committal, this service may accompany funeral services in Westchester, IL or be performed alone. This involves a brief time at the gravesite, usually involving prayer, to commit the deceased to the grave. Those present place flowers on the grave, then dirt is placed over the casket in burial.
  • Visitations: This type of funeral service in Westchester, IL is held to allow friends and family to offer condolences to those the deceased left behind. It also provides the opportunity for those attending to say goodbye and view their loved one a final time. Additionally, it provides a less formal setting for loved ones to share grief and offer support. These services are often held in the same location as a funeral service but occur a day or two before the funeral.
  • Viewings: These are typically the same as a visitation. The goal of the service is to give loved ones the opportunity to view the deceased. The open casket is placed in the funeral home or church, where loved ones can say their goodbyes. Viewings typically occur within a week of the deceased’s passing and are often a day or two before the funeral, or they may be held in the hours immediately prior to the funeral on the same day.

Which Type of Service Is Best?

Each family and individual can choose which type of service is best suited to their needs. Timing, budget and the deceased’s expressed wishes all play a factor. If you are unsure which service is best for your situation, contact an experienced funeral planner for assistance. They can walk you through your options and budgeting considerations to decide which service is the most appropriate. For caring, detailed service, contact the friendly staff at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. We will walk you through everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

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