Handling Last-Minute Funeral Arrangements

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Coping with the death of a loved one is an incredibly challenging process, and it can be even more difficult if the passing was unexpected. As you try to process your loss, you will also have to make arrangements for a memorial or funeral service in Westchester, IL. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the preparations you have to make, take a deep breath and consider creating a checklist of planning tasks. Once you have your list of preparations in hand, you can enlist the help of friends and loved ones to put your plan into action and plan a service that honors the life of the person who passed away:

  • Consider the last wishes of your loved one: The most important thing to keep in mind while you plan a memorial or funeral service in Westchester, IL is the wishes of your loved one. In the event of an unexpected passing, your loved one may not have left any last wishes in writing, but you should try to make arrangements that reflect what you believe they would have wanted.
  • Find an officiant: You may choose a religious or non-religious officiant, depending on the traditions and beliefs held by the deceased. Make sure you arrange a meeting with any potential officiant to ensure that they are a good fit for your service.
  • Appoint people to deliver speeches: You will need to select someone to deliver the eulogy at the service and appoint others to deliver speeches or share memories at the service. You can create a program with prearranged speakers, or simply open the floor on the day of the service for whoever wants to speak.
  • Plan floral arrangements and music: As soon as possible, find a florist who can make arrangements with a fast turnaround. You should also consider music for the event. You may ask a friend or family member to perform a song, or assemble a playlist of songs that your loved one enjoyed.
  • Incorporate personal elements: Many people display personal items from the deceased, like military uniforms or photos, at memorial services. You can also compile a video or photo montage to display at the service.
  • Find a funeral services provider: It is incredibly difficult to make arrangements for a funeral service in Westchester, IL on your own. Enlist the help of a local funeral arrangement facilitator who can walk you through the planning process and ensure that the service goes off without a hitch.

At Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd., we understand how stressful it can be to plan a funeral or memorial service at the last minute. We provide our clients with comprehensive planning services that are designed to accommodate their specific wishes. We understand that every person has different needs, and we are happy to provide you with individualized service every step of the way. Our professional team has planned services ranging from traditional funerals to unique memorials at many different venues. Call us today to find out more about how we can assist you.

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