FAQs on Celebration-of-Life Services

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Whether you are pre-planning for the day you will eventually pass or are someone planning a service for a loved one who recently passed away, you will need the make a lot of choices. Venue, body preparation, guest lists and more are just a few of the items on your to-do list. Another important choice you’ll need to make, and one that is typically glanced over, is what kind of service you want to host.

Memorial services in Westchester, IL are not all the same. Traditional funerals, somber memorial services and celebration-of-life services all serve similar purposes, but each differ and require attention to specific details. While many of us are familiar with funerals, if you or your loved one requests a celebration-of-life service, you might not understand exactly what that entails.

Fortunately, your service planning does not need to rest solely on you. By working with a pre-planning or service planning company, you will have a helping hand when making the decisions during this difficult time.

To get you started on planning a celebration-of-life service, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about them.

What is a celebration-of-life service?

A celebration-of-life service is almost exactly what it sounds like: a celebration of the recently deceased person’s life and accomplishments. These types of services are often filled with fond memories and laughter as the guests tell stories about their loved one and think back on the full life the person lived.

These types of memorial services are very flexible and creative, and don’t usually follow the traditional style of a funeral. Instead, you can make a celebration-of-life service whatever you want it to be so it best honors your loved one.

How does it differ from a traditional funeral?

Traditional funerals have three distinct parts: the visitation, the funeral service and the committal service. These services are much more somber in tone and typically have a casket containing the body for people to look at and say goodbye to. The focus of a funeral is generally to mourn the person’s passing.

In contrast, celebration-of-life services are truly celebrations, focused on photos, stories, music and memories of the recently deceased. Celebrations of life don’t follow any particular structure.

How much will this type of service cost?

It’s nearly impossible to give a set cost of a celebration-of-life service (or any other memorial services in Westchester, IL) because they can vary wildly. Speak with the funeral director or planning service to get a better idea of how much they charge for certain numbers of guests, catering, flowers and other aspects of the service you want to include. Generally, the more you include in the service, the higher the cost will be.

Who runs a celebration-of-life service?

A celebration-of-life service doesn’t have to be run by a clergyman or funeral director. It could be directed by a family member or friend, if you so desire. Otherwise, celebrants are trained professionals who can lead your celebration-of-life service after getting information about the deceased from family and friends.

Will there be a casket at a celebration-of-life service?

Typically, celebration-of-life services are held after the loved one’s family takes care of the body and do not include a visitation segment. Instead, you may want to showcase the loved one’s urn or use an enlarged photo during your celebration.

Where can you hold a celebration-of-life service?

Celebration-of-life services can be held just about anywhere. Popular locations include community or banquet halls, gardens, parks and a loved one’s home. If you are working with a memorial service planning company, speak to them about the options they provide or if they will help you set up your service at a different location.

If you are interested in holding a celebration-of-life service for a loved one, call Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. With four decades of experience, we are well equipped to provide premier memorial services in Westchester, IL. We offer at-need or pre-need planning, as well as caskets, urns and other products and services to make your service memorable.

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