Five Reasons to Plan Your Funeral Before You Need It

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Nobody really enjoys thinking about what will happen after they pass away. The thought of grieving loved ones is painful to imagine, no matter how or when you may pass. But although thinking about one’s own funeral may not be particularly pleasant, it does come with some meaningful benefits.

Read on to learn more about why you should consider planning a funeral in Chicago, IL before you need it:

  • Less burden on family: Even if you have known it was coming for a long time, the pain and shock of losing a family member or dear friend can make it difficult to focus on things like planning a funeral. Rather than burden your family with the details, you can arrange to handle all the logistical considerations before passing, so that your loved ones can focus on what is important: honoring your life and legacy.
  • Pay it forward: Our society usually doesn’t talk about the costs associated with a funeral, because of course most people are willing to pay whatever it takes to give their loved ones a proper memorial service. But if you’d rather your family not have to worry about financial constraints during an already difficult time, you can pay for the funeral yourself in advance. Your grieving loved ones will no doubt appreciate this kind gesture.
  • Have it your way: Would you rather have a full funeral with a burial, or a simple memorial service? Do you want your service to have a religious element? Who do you want speaking at your funeral? What songs do you want played? Chances are, you have some opinions about these questions. Planning your own funeral in advance gives you the chance to make sure it honors the person you are.
  • Rest in peace: For some people, the question of what will happen to their remains after they pass away is very important. Whether you want to be buried alongside family members in a cemetery, or cremated and your ashes spread around a favorite vacation spot, planning your own funeral will also give you the chance to ensure that your wishes are followed regarding this important issue. This is especially important to do if different family members have different opinions about what should be done with one’s remains.
  • Expect the unexpected: If you are currently in good health, you might not be concerned about planning a funeral, as you assume you have plenty of time to figure it out later. But the years can pass by quickly, and you never know when tragedy can strike. In fact, having a funeral plan after a shocking, unexpected death would be especially helpful for your grieving loved ones. So even though you hopefully will not need a funeral plan for many years, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have one ready now.

If you have any questions about planning a funeral in Chicago, IL, we hope you will consider meeting with the professionals at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. We will help plan a service that honors your life and takes the burden off of your loved ones.

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