Creative Ideas for Your Loved One’s Funeral Service in Chicago, IL

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You may have thought about the type of funeral service you want for yourself or a loved one. There’s a lot to process, considering funerals tend to incorporate tradition. For instance, some people choose to have a funeral service revolving around religion, while others wish to include mostly secular or cultural aspects. Either way, there’s nothing stopping you from being creative. Creativity should be a welcome component—after all, we are all unique individuals. Allow your loved one’s service to show their individuality one final time.

Planning a service can challenge your emotions—reach out to others if you need help completing these tasks, or with grieving. Here are a few creative ideas you can use for your loved one’s funeral service in Chicago, IL:

  • Serve favorite foods: Since funeral and memorial services are times to remember someone who has passed, why not serve some of their favorite foods? Food is a huge part of our lives. We all have fond memories of good times sitting around the kitchen table or going to a restaurant with family and friends, eating and drinking. These good times should not be forgotten when a loved one dies. Incorporate their food traditions into the service, whether it’s a famous recipe they liked to make or a favorite take-out dish.
  • Play favorite music and songs: Music influences the people we are and become. The music your loved one enjoyed throughout their life says a lot about them and who they were. Music is a beautiful way to remember a special person who’s passed away, so jump online, download their favorite bands, artists and songs and incorporate them into the ceremony.
  • Share a ton of photos: A funeral service is the perfect time to reflect on the life of the person who has passed, and on the good times had throughout the years. Gather all the pictures you can find of them, but also reach out to family and friends for any photos they may have and are willing to share. Display pictures creatively at the service, such as making photo boards, framing favorite photos or putting together special photo books. If you want to go digital, talk to your funeral director about playing a photo slideshow for attendees. You can play it once during the service, or use a separate room and let it play on a loop for those who are not ready to say goodbye.
  • Tell stories: Organizing a service is a wonderful way to honor a loved who has passed and to let the people closest to them come together to remember. Without a doubt, attendees will share stories with each other, but it might be appropriate to ask folks to share their stories with the group. Plan to have speakers, or invite anybody to stand and tell a favorite story about your loved one.

Choose a traditional route, or get creative—whatever you decide, the compassionate staff at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. is here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance in planning your loved one’s funeral service in Chicago, IL.

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