How to Celebrate a Life While Grieving

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The loss of a loved one naturally leads to mourning. It can be hard to face another day without them. To cope with this sorrow, it can be helpful to make an effort celebrate the life of your loved one. Even while you grieve, the things you do can act as memorial gifts in Chicago, IL in their name.

This is a great way to honor their memory and help you grieve in a healthy way. How can you do this? Here are a few ideas:

  • Hold a memorial: A memorial service is different than a funeral or wake. Memorial services are often held long after the person’s death. They don’t involve a burial—they are simply a time to remember the life of the deceased and celebrate who they were and what they did. Attendees are encouraged to share stories and present memorial gifts in Chicago, IL to commemorate their lost loved one.
  • Take up a cause: What were the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s death? If a specific illness, condition or addiction was involved, those left behind can find it helpful to take up these causes. Join fundraising efforts to find a cure for the disease. Work to increase awareness of addiction or volunteer at a recovery program. These efforts can have great impact on the lives of others and help give meaning to your loss.
  • Share their memories: It’s hard to celebrate someone you never mention. In addition to holding a special memorial service, talk freely about your loved one. It can be painful to bring up their name, their experiences and their memories, but it can also be helpful. In fact, it can be more painful in the long run to never talk about them. Encourage conversation about the deceased. This will keep their memory alive and help you and others work through the grieving process.
  • Follow in their footsteps: Did your loved one have a heart for children? Was he or she heavily involved in a certain program or ministry? Did they have a dream they never got to fulfill? Take up where your loved one left off, following in their footsteps to emulate them or continue their work. Finish their project. Further their cause. These efforts can add meaningful activity to your life and help you celebrate everything your loved one did and inspired you to accomplish.
  • Care for others: You’re not alone in your grieving. Others have lost loved ones, too, and know your pain. You can help each other. Find (or start) a support group for those who are grieving and celebrate the lives of your loved ones together. This mutual support can make all the difference in the world as you work through your sorrow.

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