How to Navigate the Holiday Season After Losing a Loved One

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With your loved one gone, you may have little or no desire to celebrate the holidays. Your heart hurts too much to even think about the usual festivities. It won’t be the same without them. Even after their memorial services in Chicago, IL helped you mourn, you nay wonder how you will get through this season.

You’re not alone. Others wonder the same thing every holiday season. How do they cope? Here are a few strategies to help you deal with the heartache of a holiday without your loved one.

Continue Traditions

The thought of hanging up your loved one’s stocking could be heart-wrenching. It might feel hard, but do it anyway. Placing their stocking on the mantle and their favorite ornament on the tree will act as a way to remember and honor your loved one. You might even buy a new ornament or other decoration to put up in their memory. If they had a favorite dessert, you can bake this and enjoy it with your family in honor of your loved one. These traditions will help carry on the memory of your loved one and create new, positive memories as you continue to observe them during future holiday seasons.

Volunteer Your Time

Did your loved one have a favorite cause? Take up this cause in their memory. Did they have a passion for animals? Maybe you can volunteer at the local animal shelter. If your loved one suffered from an illness, you can help fundraise for research to find a cure. Working toward something that was meaningful to your loved one can help give meaning to your loss and honor to their life.

Create Something

The holidays are all about decorating, so include a decoration in memory of your loved one. Decorate a wreath with their favorite colors and a photo of them. Create a memory table to display objects and photos that remind you of your loved one at your family gathering.

Offer a Toast

It can be difficult to talk about your loved one, especially with others who were close to them. Break the ice with a toast to your loved one, then encourage everyone to take turns sharing a special memory of them.

Donate Funds

In addition to volunteering for a cause that was important to your loved one, you can make a donation in their name. Use the money you would have spent on gifts for your loved one to make this donation. This is a great way to honor their memory and help those in need during the holidays.

Learn More

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