Three Unique Venues and Spots to Consider When Planning a Funeral in Chicago, IL

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You’ve probably at some point heard the phrase “funerals aren’t for the dead—they’re for the living.” The sentiment behind this phrase is that it’s those who are left behind after a loved one passes who need the opportunity to say a final goodbye and to gather with close friends and family to not just grieve the loss, but celebrate the life that was.

With changing customs and a decline in traditional religious funerals, more people these days are investigating funeral ideas that are more outside the box. Many people are selecting sites for funerals or memorials that were unique or special to the person who died. There are countless options you can consider when choosing a unique venue—just make sure you work with the venue to ensure the event can actually be held there, and if so, that they have availability to host your memorial on the particular day and time you have in mind.

Here are just a few examples of some of the creative sites we’ve seen families using for memorial services. You might draw some inspiration from these ideas while planning a funeral in Chicago, IL:

  • Golf course: We’ve seen many examples of people who have recently deceased loved ones who were avid golfers. The golf course and clubhouse become a common gathering space for people who frequent the course, so it can also be meaningful to have part of the service at the course itself, perhaps on a fairway somewhere. This can be a beautiful and meaningful site. And once the service is complete, all the guests can return to the clubhouse for a luncheon and to share their favorite stories about your loved one.
  • Sports venues and parks: If your loved one was a big fan of a particular sport, or if coaching or athletics were a big part of their life, you might consider arranging to have a service at a local park, baseball diamond, soccer or football field or legitimate sporting venue, depending on the availability of such venues. You might even invite friends and loved ones to participate in a game in your loved one’s honor—we’ve seen this idea come up a few times, and it can be a way to keep some joy as a part of the day to celebrate a great life.
  • On the water: If your loved one loved getting out on the water in a boat, you might consider renting a boat for a memorial service and have the service out on Lake Michigan. You could go out onto the water and spread flowers, or even scatter your loved one’s ashes if allowed by local ordinances. In some cases, you may even be allowed to purchase biodegradable urns to drop into the water. This can be a meaningful and beautiful type of ceremony.

For more information about some of the more unique and meaningful non-traditional memorial options you might consider when planning a funeral in Chicago, IL, contact the team at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. today.

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