A Simple Guide to Funeral Service Etiquette

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One of the ways to deal with the death of a loved one is to honor and mourn their passing. However, if this is an unfamiliar situation for you, this likely raises some questions about how you should act while attending funeral services in Chicago, IL. Knowing the proper etiquette can help make the family that is in mourning feel more comfortable. If you are kind and considerate, your presence will be appreciated. There are several simple steps to take to make sure you use the proper etiquette:

  • Arrival: You should aim to arrive at least 10 to 20 minutes early. You don’t want to be late and cause any disruption to the service. Funeral services in Chicago, IL are punctual but accommodating to changes. You’ll also want to arrive early to allow for a short interaction with the mourning family. Keep it brief, as the family is likely to be greeting many people before the funeral starts. If you do arrive late, don’t walk down the center aisle. Find a place near the back to avoid interrupting.
  • Attire: Black is often the color worn to funeral services in Chicago, IL, but it is not required. Your clothing should be a subdued color and usually conservative. You’ll want to be dressed in a way that shows respect and dignity. Be sure to stay away from bright colors or patterns that may be interpreted as disrespectful by the family.
  • What to say: This may be one of the hardest aspects of attending a funeral. Some families want to mourn with few words. Others may use talking as a way to deal with their grief over the loss of a loved one. Usually, assume that saying less is better. Trying to say more than is needed can leave you in an awkward situation. Simple phrases and reassurances can go a long way in helping those who are suffering from a loss. Don’t worry if you say something in remembrance of the deceased that makes a family member cry. Be reassuring and know that crying can be healthy in dealing with the death of a loved one.
  • Bringing children: Whether you take children to funeral services in Chicago, IL depends on how close they are to the family and how well-behaved they are. You may also want to contact the location or the funeral home handling the service to ask about whether children are welcome. You will rarely be turned away from bringing your kids, but you can glean some insight into how they will be received. Babies and young children should normally be left at home with a babysitter.
  • Put your phone away: This may seem obvious, but it is always best to keep your smartphone on silent and in your pocket. If you are expecting an important and necessary phone call, be sure to be in the back and near an exit so you don’t disrupt the service.

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