The Cost of Cremation vs. Burial

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When a loved one dies, one of the most challenging decisions that surviving family members and loved ones have to make is how to execute the decedent’s end-of-life plan. If your loved one had a clearly outlined will that describes the way they’d like to be commemorated and interred, then the task of carrying out their last wishes is substantially simplified. Unfortunately, many people don’t leave such detailed instructions, which can make it challenging for their loved ones to determine the best way to proceed following their death.

One of the most pressing issues that loved ones will have to address is whether to cremate the remains or embalm them for burial services in Chicago, IL. This is a complicated question that touches on both finances and religion. If possible, try to make your wishes for either burial or cremation known prior to your death to save your family the trouble of making the decision for you.

Considering cremation

Once considered taboo, cremation is becoming an increasingly popular way to inter decedents in modern America. Cremation is cost-effective, and provides more interment options compared to traditional embalmment and burial. Cremation may allow you to invest more in the expenses related to funeral services in Chicago, IL.

When considering cremation over burial, most people consider the cost to be the most significant benefit. While a traditional embalmment and burial cost, on average, $6,500 in the United States, cremation expenses hover just above $1,100. This striking cost difference can make the decision seem much easier for many families.

Cremation also provides more internment options. For instance, cremains can be stored in portable urns, which may make the mourning process easier for some families. Additionally, cremains can be stored in commemorative benches or family vaults, which may be more accessible for people to memorialize when compared with traditional graves and headstones. Some people may wish to have their ashes scattered at a meaningful site.

It is important, however, to consider people’s beliefs, fears and religious background when determining the best way to handle their remains. For instance, some religions, including Islam and Eastern Orthodoxy, forbid cremation. Other religions, including Catholicism, may allow cremation but advise against it. The Vatican’s rules on cremation are fairly recent, which means that older Catholics may still be uncomfortable with the idea of cremation, and will likely prefer a traditional burial.

On the other hand, if your loved one expressed a fear of being buried alive, rotting or feeling trapped after death, cremation may be the best way to honor their feelings and wishes following their decease. The most important thing is to consider your own knowledge of the decedent when determining the best way to proceed with their burial services in Chicago, IL.

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