Tips for Talking to Aging Parents About Pre-Planning Final Arrangements

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Planning a funeral in Chicago, IL can be a heavy task. It can be especially difficult to pre-plan any final arrangements with aging parents. It can be stressful emotionally as well as financially, and it can be difficult to grieve at the same time you’re trying to make plans. At some point, end-of-life arrangements need to be made, and pre-planning can save extra, unnecessary stress when the time comes. Try the following tips for when you need to talk to aging parents about planning a funeral in Chicago, IL:

  • Relax: Before diving into the conversation about planning a funeral in Chicago, IL, it’s nice to take time to relax with your loved one. Enjoy light, easy conversation and enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes, in the midst of the stress of illness and aging, it can be difficult to take time to enjoy the life of your loved one without worrying about plans.
  • Reminisce: It can also be beneficial to reminisce about happy times with your loved one, before discussing funeral planning. Bring up important family memories, like vacations, holidays, birthdays and other family events. Reminiscing can build a bridge into discussing end-of-life planning.
  • Ask about end-of-life wishes: As a way to ease into the conversation, you can start by asking your loved one about any wishes they have for their end-of-life arrangements. They may have particular flowers, songs or photos in mind for their final arrangements, and taking their wishes into account may mean a lot to them.
  • Document pre-plans: When discussing planning a funeral in Chicago, IL ahead of time, it’s a good idea to document any wishes they have. Pre-planning can save surviving family members from the financial burden of funeral arrangements and limit stress during the grieving time. Plus, having the decisions made and documented ahead of time will relieve the burden of hard, stressful decisions from the surviving loved ones.
  • Watch for stress: Pre-planning is an act of love, but it may still cause your loved one stress and anxiety. Watch for signs of withdrawal from the conversation and don’t pressure your loved one to talk about it or make any decisions they’re not ready to make.
  • Give them time: If your loved one is stressed or overwhelmed, they may need time to process and reflect on what the conversation means to them, or what they’d like regarding their final arrangements. They may want solitude to research their options, or they may prefer support and company. Be prepared to be there for them in the ways that they need, be it through providing space or support.

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