Personalize a Funeral Service in Chicago, IL on a Budget

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Funeral services offer an important opportunity for loved ones to express their love and respect for someone who has passed away. Every individual is different, and every funeral service can be distinguished with unique details and elements that reflect the personality and legacy of a person.

Unfortunately, the expenses associated with planning a funeral service can be staggering, and many people find themselves unexpectedly having to make difficult choices. If you’re having a hard time finding ways to personalize a funeral service in Chicago, IL without exceeding your budget, consider these tips and ideas for inspiration:

  • Incorporate personal items into the service: You can add a lot of personal elements to a funeral service by displaying some of the belongings of the person who is being remembered. Items that represent the things that they loved and were passionate about, like favorite books or musical instruments, can express the personality of a person who has passed away. You can display these items along with framed photos or photo albums to help guests process their feelings of loss while reminiscing about the individual.
  • Remember the power of words: It’s traditional for an officiant or family member to read passages from the Bible or other religious texts during a funeral service, and while this can be a beautiful way to honor a loved one, you should consider incorporating other texts into a service for your loved one. A passage from their favorite book, a poem that they love or lyrics to a song that they enjoyed can be especially beautiful and meaningful when read aloud at a service.
  • Take time to write a personalized obituary: Many obituaries that are published in the newspaper are written using a uniform structure, without much variation from person to person. You can make sure that the unique personality of your loved one is expressed clearly by writing a personalized obituary to be read at a funeral service in Chicago, IL. This obituary can be written specifically for the guests in attendance, and can be much more intimate than the obituary that’s published in the paper. You can print copies of this personalized obituary for guests to take home in remembrance of the person who has passed away.
  • Use familiar scents to personalize the service: Candles and perfumes can add an additional layer of personalization to a funeral or memorial service. Many people associate certain smells with their memories of a loved one, so using scent at a funeral service can be a powerful way to help guests remember the person who has passed away and reflect on the memories that they have of them.

Plan a funeral service in Chicago, IL

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