How a Funeral Director and Funeral Home in Chicago, IL Can Help During a Difficult Time

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Everyone copes with the death of a family member or friend differently. Some people are better able to keep it together mentally and outwardly, while others cannot function normally and may need to lean on others for emotional support for a while. The key thing to keep in mind is that however you deal with death is okay. Don’t feel uncomfortable about reaching out to a funeral director for help coping with a loss. Funeral directors are experts in this area, after all. Capable of more than just overseeing the funeral home, a funeral director knows the right way to provide comfort, compassion and kindness for grieving families.

Aside from having training in bereavement, funeral directors can also make funeral planning much easier. From managing every step of your loved one’s final wishes and funeral arrangements to answering questions from families, directors have specific visible and behind-the-scenes duties for which they are responsible. Read on to find out how a funeral director and funeral home in Chicago, IL can help during this difficult time.

When your loved one dies

After someone you care about has died, the funeral director will coordinate efforts to transfer your loved one to the funeral home. Once there, they will provide the utmost professional care, including washing the body, preparing for the embalming process, dressing, hair and makeup, minor reconstruction and casket positioning. If your family is not ready for the aforementioned processes just yet—perhaps you want time for close family and friends to visit with the deceased before the official service—ask the funeral home to cold preserve the body. They can even dress and apply some makeup to make this step more comfortable.

Consults with the family before a service

The funeral director will not push you to make decisions. They are well aware that this is a difficult time for you, which is why they will arrange a consultation before service. During this meeting, they will consult with you to gather information and discuss the specifics for burial or cremation and types of services. They will file all certificates and permits required by law and acquire certified copies of the death certificate, as well as assist in writing the obituary.

A funeral director and his or her team can take control of all the funeral arrangements and service planning—including contacting the location for the service, notifying family and friends and gathering photographs, music, flowers, etc. for the service. In addition to these duties, the director also arranges for pallbearers, casket transportation and other special requests, such as those related to military service or religion practices.

Director duties during and after the service

It’s the funeral director’s job to conduct the service in a professional and compassionate manner, and map out the funeral procession to your loved one’s final resting place. They can also help with Social Security benefits, insurance and grief counseling.

Funeral directors are here for you during this difficult time. They play a big role in the funeral or cremation arrangement process and managing memorial services in Chicago, IL. Please contact the compassionate staff at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. for the help you need.

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