How to Share Stories at a Memorial Service Through a Memory Table

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Losing a loved one is never easy. Alongside the loss comes the added pressure of honoring the deceased in a way that befits their memory. While there are numerous options when planning a memorial service in Chicago, IL, one surefire way to pay tribute is with a memory table.

If you haven’t considered this malleable way to cherish your deceased loved one, read on to find out why a memory table just may be perfect for you.

What is a memory table?

Put plainly, a memory table is an area at a memorial service where mourners can deliver and enjoy notes, pictures or small items that highlight the unique person your loved one was.

The most common items used in a memory table are pictures of the deceased or handwritten notes that share memories or thoughts of the deceased. However, it’s also possible to include small items that point to a specific hobby or talent your loved one enjoyed.

The beautiful thing about a memory table is that its flexible format allows every mourner to express their grief in the most personal way possible.

Reasons to create a memory table

Writer Spider Robinson once noted, “Shared pain is lessened; shared joy, increased.” A memory table at a memorial service in Chicago, IL offers fellow mourners the opportunity to share their pain and their joy at having known your loved one.

What’s more, writing down a strong memory helps focus your brain and solidify that moment in your mind. By writing down a story or sharing a memory on paper, you can share that joy with others and reinforce its presence in your brain.

Though everyone who attends your funeral will have shared memories of the deceased, not everyone may feel comfortable enough standing up in front of a crowd and expressing those memories out loud. A memory table offers those people an opportunity to share their grief on their own terms.

At the end of the day, the notes and pictures you’ve gathered can be put in a scrapbook and treasured as a tapestry of the one you loved for years to come.

Your partner in grief

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