When to Choose Cremation Services in Chicago, IL Over Burial

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Funeral and burial arrangements involve many decisions. One of the biggest decisions is whether to hold funeral services in Chicago, IL or to choose cremation service in Chicago, IL. Which is the best choice for your loved one?

Use the following questions to help determine the answer. For assistance with funeral or cremation services in Chicago, IL, contact your local funeral home.

Did the deceased specify any wishes?

First, check to see if your loved one designated any requests in their will. If nothing is specified, consider their personal beliefs and anything they may have indicated verbally to family members or friends. Use these wishes as guidelines to determine whether you should choose cremation services in Chicago, IL.

Is cost a factor?

Funeral services in Chicago, IL are typically more costly than cremation service in Chicago, IL. If finances are an issue, cremation can provide an affordable and safe option to handle the remains.

Where will the service be held?

Cremation services in Chicago, IL offer more flexibility with location. If the services will be held at a site that is far from the current location of the deceased, cremation can make arrangements easier.

When will the services be held?

Traditional funeral services in Chicago, IL require a short timeline. If you would like to wait and hold a memorial service at a later date, cremation makes this easier. The ashes can be stored until it is time for the service or scattering.

Is space an issue?

Some people are considering cremation services in Chicago, IL due to land use issues. Traditional burial requires more land, which may not be available due to industrialization of the area. If you or your loved ones are concerned about conserving land, cremation provides a good alternative.

Are there concerns about public hygiene?

For some, burying corpses brings up concerns about public hygiene. If this is an issue, cremation services in Chicago, IL offer an option that does not involve placing a body in the ground.

Are you sure about cremation services in Chicago, IL?

It’s important to keep in mind that this process is irreversible. If you’re not sure about cremation, you can choose a traditional funeral service in Chicago, IL. If you decide to move forward with cremation, you can still do this after the funeral service.

What are the needs of loved ones?

Is it important to those who will be attending the funeral service in Chicago, IL to physically see the deceased and say goodbye? Consider what family members prefer as you decide which type of services to choose.

Professional Cremation Services in Chicago, IL

Whether you choose cremation or burial, your local professionals at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. are here to assist you. Family owned and operated, Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. has proudly served the surrounding communities with caring, professional and personable services since 2006. We offer pre-arrangement/pre-need services and planning, traditional funeral services, memorial services and cremation services in Chicago, IL. Arrangements can be made to have services at the funeral home, a church or any other venue that best suits the family. Contact us today.

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