Cremation vs. Traditional Burial

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When the job of making funeral arrangements falls on your shoulders, the first decision you’ll need to make is the choice between cremation and traditional burial. Ideally, the deceased will leave behind clear-cut instructions for their funeral along with the budget necessary to make everything happen. Unfortunately, however, that’s not always the case.

If you’re in the position of working with incomplete or absent instructions when preparing a funeral in Chicago, IL, then you’ll have to make some tough decisions. There are plenty of benefits to both cremation and burial—which one you choose will come down to your budget and your preferences.

The wishes of the deceased are paramount

Before making any major choices, consider what you know about your lost loved one. In certain faiths like Orthodox Judaism or Islam, for example, cremation is frowned upon. Traditional burial is considered the only respectful option. Other people, meanwhile, fear being buried alive. Cremation may be the best bet for them.

Your price point

No one wants to plan a funeral with a budget in mind, but sometimes the real world conspires against us, and sometimes you have to make the best of things. If budget is a concern, then cremation may be your best option. Traditional funeral services require more overhead than cremation. Preparation time and the use of chemicals are just a few of the expenses that may accompany interment. Cremation, meanwhile, is much more cost-effective.

The environmental option

Before a body is buried underground, the mortician will embalm the remains. This process involves preserving the deceased’s body with a series of chemicals. Some people have concerns that these same chemicals can seep into the ground, causing environmental damage.

Is space a concern?

Those people being buried in an urban location, where space is at a premium, may find it useful to be cremated instead of undergoing a traditional burial. When preparing a funeral in Chicago, IL, for example, finding the right space to bury a loved one can be quite challenging.

The mobile memorial

For those people who live and die in the same town as their family, traditional burial can be very convenient. A quiet spot in a well-maintained cemetery can be the perfect place to stop and pay tribute.

Cremation, on the other hand, allows friends and family to keep their loved one’s remains in an urn, where they can be kept in a place of honor or scattered at a spot that was special to the deceased.

Sterling funeral service in Illinois

For more than a decade, Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. has distinguished itself as the area’s most compassionate mortuary professionals. Whether you opt for cremation or a traditional burial when you’re preparing a funeral in Chicago, IL, we’re ready to guide you through the process to find a service and a solution that pays appropriate tribute to your lost loved one.

As a fourth-generation funeral director, Barbara Marik-Baken has committed herself to providing personalized care that’s tailored to the needs of every client we serve. When you need the best care possible, come to Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. Call today to learn more.

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