If I Choose Cremation, Does This Mean I Can’t Have a Funeral?

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This is a common question. Often, families of the deceased assume that ordering cremation services in Chicago, IL automatically eliminates the option of having a funeral service. The truth is, you can choose both cremation and a funeral. Following is an overview of how this works and why you might choose this route.

Cremation and traditional funeral services

If you would like to have a traditional funeral service that involves displaying the body for visitation by friends and family, you can do so. You would simply make these arrangements with your local funeral services director, hold the service, then have the body cremated afterwards.

Cremation and memorial services

You can choose cremation services in Chicago, IL before a funeral service and hold what is often referred to as a memorial service. Typically, a photo of the deceased is displayed in place of viewing the body. You may have the ashes on display in an urn during the service. You may also wish to scatter the ashes as part of the memorial service. Other than these differences, the service is often run like a traditional funeral.

Cremation and celebration of life services

A third option is to hold a celebration of life service for the deceased. This event is less formal than a traditional funeral service. It usually involves allowing attendees to share stories about the deceased and focus on celebrating his or her life rather than mourning his or her passing. As with the memorial service, you can place the deceased’s ashes on display for this service or you can incorporate scattering of the ashes into the celebration.

Cremation and benefits

There are a few benefits to choosing cremation services in Chicago, IL over traditional burial options. The first is cost. Cremation is typically more economical than embalming, buying a casket and conducting burial services. The second advantage is flexibility. If you need to delay funeral services for any reason, this can allow you to do so. Or, if the body must be transported, cremation makes this easier. It also adds flexibility for the memorial service. You can hold this in any location or schedule it for a place where you would like to scatter the deceased’s ashes.

Cremation and you

Should you choose cremation for yourself or your loved one? This is a personal decision that should be carefully made while taking all available information into consideration. Consult with your local funeral director to discuss the options and find out more information that will help you decide. If you are unsure about religious concerns regarding cremation, speak with your local spiritual leader to determine the best option.

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