Is Embalming Required by Law?

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Embalming has become such a standard part of funeral services in Chicago, IL that you might assume that this is required by law. You may also have additional questions about this procedure. Use the following FAQ to familiarize yourself with requirements and other information about embalming.

What is embalming?

Embalming is a process that is completed to help preserve a body. This is often done so the person can be displayed publicly at a funeral or if the body must be transported over a long distance. It may also be done if the body is being used for research or other scientific purposes. Embalming involves implanting special devices and embalming fluid in the body that slow down its decomposition. The process also gives the person a more life-like appearance.

Is embalming required by law?

In most cases, embalming is not required by law. Funeral directors are required by the Federal Trade Commission to inform consumers that this process is not required by law except in some cases. This is usually when a body must cross certain state lines. For example, California, New Jersey, Idaho, Minnesota and Kansas require embalming if the body will be leaving the state by train or airplane.

What if I don’t want embalming?

There are alternatives to embalming that are offered by all funeral homes. If you prefer not to have this service, you can order a direct or immediate burial. In this case, you would not have a funeral service or visitation that included the body. It is placed in a casket and buried within a few days of the person’s passing, without being displayed for viewing.

In some cases, a funeral home may have refrigeration facilities to preserve the body if there is a delay in making funeral arrangements. Hospitals also typically have refrigeration services available.

Another option is cremation. If you choose this process, the funeral service provider’s staff will burn the body and preserve the ashes. You can choose an urn for the ashes to either bury or display in honor of the deceased.

Do any religions forbid embalming?

Christianity neither encourages or discourages embalming. Hindus and Buddhists typically choose cremation, so there is no consideration of embalming. Muslim and Jewish faiths prohibit embalming because they view it as a desecration of the body.

Should I choose embalming?

If you are in a position where you must choose whether or not to order an embalming procedure, discuss your options with your local funeral services director. This professional can help you review all considerations and help you decide if embalming is the best choice for your funeral services in Chicago, IL. Considerations include the person’s wishes and religion as well as your plans for funeral services.

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