Military Funeral Service Rituals

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Every day, nearly 1.4 million men and women put on a uniform and set about defending the security of the United States of America. These people put themselves in harm’s way to secure the American way of life. Sometimes, sadly, these soldiers sacrifice everything in return. When this happens, the military begins a long-held process of military funeral service rituals in Westchester, IL and throughout the nation.

Traveling under the banner

When a United States soldier is killed on the job or in combat, their remains are placed in an aluminum transfer case that’s packed with ice. An American flag is placed on top of the case.

Reaching out to the family

The first notification that a military family receives regarding their family member’s death is a formal visit from the military chaplain and a soldier bearing a rank that is equal to or higher than the deceased soldier.

This is perhaps the most dreaded of the military funeral service rituals in Westchester, IL.

Entering through Dover

Any troops stationed abroad at the time of their death are transported to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. On the landing strip, deceased soldiers are greeted by family members and an honor guard before they are transported to the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations. It’s here that bodies are prepared for their funerals and dressed in formal attire befitting their rank and respective branch of the military.

A direct flight

Once a deceased soldier is prepared for their funeral, they are transported via military transport (along with a military escort) to the airport nearest their intended burial site, no matter how small that airport may be.

The soldier’s family can request that the soldier’s remains be transported via a commercial flight if that’s their preference. They can also ask that the military escort not accompany the body.

The proper way to render

When charged with rendering a deceased soldier, a carrying guard is under strict orders to keep the dignity of the soldier intact. The remains are always moved feet first, and there will be at least one military personnel on hand to greet the remains at every stop.

The specially-trained soldiers charged with transporting the deceased follow the remains of the soldier from its arrival in Delaware until the soldier arrives at the funeral home where his or her memorial services will be handled.

The courtesy and integrity you deserve

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