What Should You Do When a Loved One Passes?

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The loss of a loved one is a traumatic situation we unfortunately will all experience at some point in our lives. Everyone grieves differently, and it is important you allow yourself to grieve the loss in whatever way is healthiest for you. But it’s also important to realize there are some important steps you need to take after the death of a loved one that should not be put off. It can be very difficult to work through your emotions and take care of business, but it is a necessity.

You may be able to divide responsibility for these actions among family members and close friends. If you find yourself wondering, “What do I do after a loved one dies?” here’s a general overview of some of the steps you’ll need to take to plan a funeral in Chicago, IL:

  • Legal pronouncement: As soon as you can, get a legal pronouncement of death, either from a doctor or from someone else who is qualified to do this. A hospice nurse or paramedic is able to provide this document.
  • Transportation: Arrange for transportation of the body. Unless an autopsy is needed, the body can be picked up by a mortuary or crematorium.
  • Notification: You’ll need to notify a number of people about the death. Of course, close family and friends should be informed right away, and you can ask them to help you contact others. You should also notify the person’s doctor or the county coroner. If the person was working, you’ll also need to notify their employer, and request information about any benefits and pay that may be due, as well as employer-offered life insurance and pensions.
  • Care: As soon as you can, arrange any necessary care for dependents or pets so they do not go neglected. You should also ask a friend or relative to keep an eye on the deceased’s home, water plants, dispose of food and trash, collect mail and perform any necessary routine maintenance.
  • Funeral and burial plans: Within a day or two of the death, you’ll need to start planning for the funeral and decide whether there will be a burial or cremation. Your loved one may have left behind instructions regarding their wishes. If they were in a fraternal or religious group, there may be special instructions to comply with.
  • Documents: Obtain a death certificate, which you’ll usually get from the funeral home. Get multiple copies so you can send them to agencies, financial institutions and insurers. You can also collect all estate planning documents. Take the will to the appropriate local office to have it probated. It can be a good idea to check in with a trusts or estates attorney to determine how you’ll transfer assets.
  • Read the estate plan: Hopefully you already have some idea of your loved one’s wishes, but if you can access the estate plan and read through it, this will clarify some of the most important issues related to inheritances and donations.

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