Can Grief Counseling Really Help?

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Losing a loved one is never easy, and getting through the grieving period can take a while for many people. Since it’s so difficult, it’s often a good idea to consider grief counseling in Chicago, IL. Continue reading to learn a little bit more about grief counseling and how it can help:

  • Accepting reality: Accepting the fact that a loved one is gone is very hard for some people to do. In fact, the first stage of grief is denial. A grief counselor can help patients get through the denial phase more easily than they would be able to on their own.
  • Dealing with trauma: Whether it’s witnessing the loved one pass or seeing the body for the first (or last) time, there’s a lot of trauma involved with death. A grief counselor can identify the traumatic experience and help the patient work through it.
  • Talking freely: Keeping grief pent up inside makes it nearly impossible to get over. Grief counseling in Chicago, IL provides an outlet for patients to talk openly about their loved one and how they’re currently feeling. Expressing emotions out loud often helps patients work through their grief more quickly.
  • Overcoming guilt: Studies show that many people feel some sort of guilt after a loved one passes. The feeling of guilt isn’t good to hang onto, and in many cases, it isn’t necessary at all. A grief counselor helps patients let go of that guilt.
  • Coping with change: Life is going to change a lot if a loved one passes, especially if he or she was someone close. Working with a grief counselor can help people deal with those changes and can help them establish a new daily routine if needed.

Grief counseling techniques

People are more likely to consider grief counseling in Chicago, IL if they know a little bit more about the process. A grief counselor may employ any or all of the following techniques to help patients overcome their loss:

  • Talking in a quiet place: Death studies show that dealing with the passing of a loved one in a noisy environment is unproductive. In fact, it can actually have a negative impact on a person’s mental health. Grief counselors provide a quiet, calming space for patients to express their emotions.
  • Describing the moment of loss: Talking about the moment the loved one died can be hard at first, especially if it was a traumatic death. The best person to talk to about that moment is a grief counselor. Counselors help patients use the right words to describe emotions, like “I saw” or “I heard,” to work through their feelings.
  • Discussing funeral arrangements: Surprisingly enough, talking to someone about the funeral arrangements often helps people get through their grief. A counselor is a fantastic resource for help planning the ceremony.

As mentioned above, part of grief counseling in Chicago, IL is going over funeral arrangements. To ensure your friend or family member gets the ceremony they deserve, choose Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. to plan and host your ceremony. Contact us today to get the process started.

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