Planning a Military Funeral: Etiquette and Expectations

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It’s safe to assume most people have been to a funeral before, but if you don’t know anyone who served in the armed forces, you may not have ever attended a military funeral. If that’s the case, keep reading. This post will cover everything you need to know about etiquette and military funeral planning in Chicago, IL.

What’s included in a military funeral?

Before we get too deep into the etiquette and planning of a military funeral, it’s important to understand what will occur during the ceremony. All military funerals include flag folding and presentation and the playing of “Taps” by a bugler. If a bugler isn’t available, the funeral director will play a high-quality recording of the song.

Proper etiquette

Just like with any funeral, a military funeral is a somber affair. So, you’ll want to ensure you exhibit proper military funeral etiquette in Chicago, IL while you’re in attendance. Follow these points below, and you’ll be just fine:

  • Saluting: When a military funeral is shown in a movie or TV show, everyone seems to salute. However, in real life, that’s typically not the case. Since civilians might not know how or when to salute, they usually don’t. Instead, civilians are asked to place their right hand over their heart. Do this when the hearse passes in front of you, any time the casket is moved, during “Taps,” during the gun salute and while the casket is being lowered into the ground.
  • Attire: A large part of military funeral etiquette in Chicago, IL has to do with your attire. Wearing anything other than formal clothes is seen as a sign of disrespect towards the deceased. Men should dress in a dark suit and tie. If they don’t have a suit, a dress shirt with a tie and slacks will suffice. Women should wear a dark dress, a suit or a dark skirt and blouse.
  • Where to sit: A military funeral is much like a civilian funeral in that seating nearest to the front is reserved for immediate family. Next of kin should be front and center, as they will receive the folded American flag during the service. There may only be enough seating at the cemetery for the deceased’s family members, but if you are seated at the gravesite, remain in your chair for the duration of the ceremony.
  • Bringing kids: A military funeral can be a long ceremony and includes long periods of silence and standing still. For that reason, it’s often not recommended to bring young children. If you have older children that want to come, be sure to explain the process to them beforehand so they’ll know how to behave during the ceremony.

Let us plan the funeral for you

Military funeral planning in Chicago, IL is no easy task. Be sure the ceremony goes off without a hitch by working with Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. to plan it. We have over 40 years of experience planning funeral services, so you know you’re in good hands when you come to us.

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