Writing a Meaningful Eulogy

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The old joke goes that most people fear death more than anything else… with the exception of public speaking. That is, when it comes to giving a eulogy at a funeral, many people would almost rather be in the casket than standing up in front of a bunch of people talking about a departed loved one. That’s understandable. Even if you’re afraid of standing up and speaking in front of others, writing a eulogy in Chicago, IL doesn’t have to be a harrowing experience. You can pay tribute to a lost loved one, even if you don’t have much writing or speaking experience. Here’s how.

Don’t run from anxiety

If you’re anxious about speaking in public, don’t shy away from it. Accepting and embracing your nerves will only make for a more honest speaking experience, and that’s what you’re searching for. You can help diminish the impacts of that anxiety by writing down your speech in long form. You should also consider practicing the eulogy in front of a smaller group before the funeral itself. This will help you get more comfortable when the time to speak arrives.

Determine the kind of eulogy you want to write

When you’re trying to write a meaningful eulogy in Chicago, IL, make sure to stick to a theme. Popular options include shared memories or life history. It’s not necessary to recap your lost loved one’s entire life—just stick to the more significant moments. Picking a general idea to pursue for your eulogy will help narrow down the options.

Don’t neglect humor

When you’re constructing your eulogy, the temptation will be to keep things sad and serious. That’s understandable, especially when you’re in mourning. That said, it’s essential to remember that one of the reasons you’re in grief is that you shared happy memories with your lost loved one. As you explore their life and pay tribute to them in your eulogy, be sure to remember and incorporate those moments, as well.

Be brief

Once you begin writing, you might find yourself filled with potent thoughts and memories. That’s wonderful, but remember that editing is a writer’s best friend. When you’re writing a eulogy, make sure to keep it to under 10 minutes. Remember that as personal as your relationship with the deceased may have been, it’s important that others be able to get up and pay tribute as well.

Try to keep it together

The odds are good that you will shed a tear (or several) over the course of delivering a eulogy. That’s understandable, but you should make an effort to keep your voice as steady as possible until you’re finished with your words. You can diminish the odds of breaking down in tears by practicing your speech and keeping it short.

Your funeral family

When someone you love passes away, so much goes along with it. At Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd., we want to make the planning and execution as easy on you as possible, so that your biggest concern is writing a eulogy in Chicago, IL that will pay tribute to the person you loved. Find out how we can help you by giving us a call to arrange a consultation.

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