Non-Traditional Funeral Rituals to Consider During COVID-19

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There’s never a good time to lose a loved one, but this has been particularly true in 2020. The pandemic has pushed families in Chicago, IL to come up with COVID-19 funeral arrangements that differ slightly from traditional rituals. Those who are mourning the death of a loved one are encouraged to try these COVID-19 funeral ideas.

Future memorial services

For everyone’s safety, it’s best to limit how many people can attend the funeral. There’s no easy way to ask friends and family to honor a loved one’s death from the safety of their homes. However, COVID-19 funeral arrangements should prioritize facility staff and immediate family members.

Funeral homes can arrange future memorial services for those who couldn’t be there in person immediately following their loved one’s death. Such gatherings can happen once local and state officials have lifted COVID-19 safety precautions. Future memorial services will offer closure for people who have been forced to grieve in a non-traditional way.

Modified funeral practices

Family members can still attend funerals, but they’re going to look a little different. The CDC highly encourages funeral services with only a few participants who gather outdoors. For this reason, one COVID-19 funeral idea to consider is a graveside service. Even when attendees are outside, make sure members of separate households remain six feet apart at all times and everyone wears a face mask. If possible, only invite family that’s local to Chicago, IL.

Adapting to COVID-19 restrictions may be difficult for some loved ones. Consider alternative ways of giving emotional support that don’t involve physical contact, such as sympathetic words or sharing happy memories. Avoid sharing objects like religious texts and programs with loved ones who aren’t part of your household.

Virtual gatherings

Those who can’t attend in person don’t have to be excluded from funeral rituals. Friends and family can still participate in COVID-19 funeral arrangements by viewing a livestream or video recording of the service. If you’re in charge of planning a funeral, reassure loved ones that staying home is the safest option and their virtual participation is just as important as those who will be there in person.

Food delivery to homes

Serving food is a common practice after memorial services. However, eating in close proximity to people outside your household greatly increases the risk of spreading the virus. This is especially true for receptions that serve food buffet style, where participants touch the same serving utensils. If a reception is very important to your family, distribute prepackaged meals while following the CDC’s safety guidelines.

While there are safer ways to serve food at a reception, the best way to limit the spread of disease is by coming up with alternative COVID-19 funeral ideas. If at all possible, forego a traditional reception and offer loved ones your support in different ways, such as by sending baked goods to their homes or using a food delivery service.

Loved ones who pass away during the pandemic deserve to be honored in the safest way possible. The team at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. will help you plan a memorial in Chicago, IL that upholds cultural traditions while maintaining COVID-19 safety precautions. Even though the pandemic has led to many changes, we’ll make sure you can honor your loved ones all the same.

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