2021 Funeral Trends

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Every funeral should be unique and catered towards the loved one being remembered, which we always strive to do at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. However, there are trends that come and go in our industry, just like in the fashion world and countless other industries. This post will teach you some of those trends and cover why you should pre-plan your funeral in Chicago, IL.


Planning your funeral ahead of time instead of making your family do it isn’t just a hot trend—it’s a fantastic idea. Pre-planning takes the burden off your family members and helps ensure your final wishes are accommodated. Additionally, pre-planning helps your family members save money on funeral costs.

Virtual planning

Thanks to one-day delivery and the hesitation to be in public spaces, e-commerce is bigger than ever. But people aren’t just buying their everyday goods online—they’re also working with funeral pre-planning services in Chicago, IL online or over the phone. At Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd., we make it easy to plan your service without being in close contact with others.

Livestreamed services

Due to COVID-19, gathering in large groups is both a bad idea and against the law in some areas. These regulations have restricted funeral size and the ability of friends and families to celebrate their departed loved ones. Thankfully, funeral companies have adapted and have begun streaming the services online. Although viewing the funeral online isn’t ideal, it’s better than nothing.

Active family participation

It’s long been a tradition for loved ones to sprinkle some soil on the casket once it’s lowered into the ground. But recently, friends and family members have been getting involved in much more of the entire funeral process. Loved ones are doing everything from helping to dig the grave to pushing the button during cremation.

Cremation jewelry

Unless the deceased has specified where they’d like their ashes sprinkled after cremation, it’s up to the friends and family to decide what to do with them. While placing them in urns or scattering them in a memorable location are still the go-to options, some people are purchasing jewelry to hold ashes. A charm bracelet or necklace designed to hold ashes is a great way to keep your loved one close after they’ve departed.

Eco-friendly burials

Ensuring your loved one’s wishes are met is a top reason why you should pre-plan your funeral in Chicago, IL. People who care for the earth are opting for “green funerals” during their planning. These eco-friendly services don’t utilize embalming fluids, and the caskets are made of bio-degradable materials instead of expensive and lavish hardwoods.

Remembrance celebrations

Hosting a grand funeral with every loved one in attendance isn’t feasible these days, so many families are now holding small funerals and then planning a larger celebration of life for a future date when it’s safe to be in groups. The celebrations of life ensure the deceased is properly memorialized and nobody in attendance is put at risk of getting sick.

Talk to our team about pre-planning your funeral today

We understand that nobody wants to think about their funeral, but working with funeral pre-planning services in Chicago, IL is a must, especially if you suddenly fall ill. Give Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. a call today to discuss your final wishes.

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