The Different Kinds of Cremation Urns

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Cremation is rising in popularity every year. It’s estimated that half of the population will be cremated this year, with the number increasing to 78 percent by 2035. Unless the deceased individuals want their remains scattered somewhere special, their final resting place will likely be an urn.

Choosing an urn these days is more difficult than you might think. There are tons of different options for urns in Chicago, IL, each with its own benefits. To make the decision a little easier, this post will cover a few of the most popular options:

  • Individual urns: The most popular type of urn is one designed for one person. They’re typically made of wood, metal or even glass. An urn can be as intricate or basic as you’d like, but they’re often engraved with the deceased’s name.
  • Companion urns: Larger urns that hold two individuals are also an option. These are more common when two companions pass at the same time. A companion urn can either have a compartment for each person’s ashes or a single compartment, where the ashes will be combined.
  • Keepsake urns: An urn doesn’t have to hold all of the individual’s ashes. These smaller vessels are known as keepsake urns and are typically highly personalized or decorated. They’re a great option if several surviving family members want to hold onto a loved one’s ashes.
  • 3D artisan portrait urns: When it comes to personalization, it’s tough to top a 3D artisan portrait urn. These are made of wood and feature a picture of the loved one on the urn. Families often choose to display these urns on the mantel or in another prominent place in their home.
  • Eco-friendly urns: If your loved one had a passion for the environment, an eco-friendly urn is a fantastic option. These bio-degradable urns can be buried or placed in the ocean and will break down over time without causing any damage to the environment.

How big should my urn be?

In addition to the different styles, urns come in a variety of sizes. Thankfully, this decision isn’t as tricky. One pound of body weight typically yields one cubic inch of ashes, and the standard urn is 200 cubic inches in size. Unless the deceased individual weighs more than 200 pounds or you’re buying a companion urn, a standard urn will likely do just fine.

Why choose your urn now?

We understand that people don’t want to think about death in Chicago, IL, but we think it’s crucial to buy your urn now instead of waiting until you pass. Shopping for and purchasing your urn now will ensure you get your chosen final resting place. Additionally, it takes a lot of pressure off your loved ones, who would otherwise have to make the decision.

In these uncertain times, it’s never too early to start thinking about your funeral or cremation in Chicago, IL. Give our professionals at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. a call today to learn more about our urn selection and cremation services.

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