Deciding Whether to Bury or Cremate

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When your loved one passes away, it can be difficult to decide how to dispose of their remains—especially if there are budgetary issues or they never really expressed a preference. While your religious preferences may play a part in the discussion, deciding between burial and cremation can be a difficult task in Chicago, IL. Here’s what you need to know and what to consider before you decide.

Why choose cremation?

While burial is probably the most traditional choice in America, it’s not always the best choice. After all, real estate is incredibly expensive, even when the resident has passed away. Cremation is a good choice for those who want (or need) to save their money. As long as your religious beliefs don’t prevent this option, it’s a perfectly good choice. Your loved one’s ashes can be sprinkled at a site that has meaning for them, interred in the ground or interred in a columbarium—it’s similar to burial, but lower in cost. Either way, you’ll still have a way to “visit” your loved one.

Cremation also removes the problem of buying burial plots in the cemetery, hoping that people will die (and stay) together. Since many modern families experience divorce and have step relatives, it’s no longer prudent to buy a few plots ahead of time. Instead, consider buying niches at a cemetery or columbarium to house your family members, or leave instructions in your will to spread your ashes in a meaningful place.

Why choose burial?

On the other hand, some people prefer burial, especially if their religious preferences deem it the “right” choice. It’s a perfectly normal preference, and if your loved one left enough money behind, you should honor their wishes. (If they didn’t leave enough money, burial is quite expensive, and you should consider other options.)

Burial has long been the way we choose to honor our dead—just walk into any historic cemetery to see the evidence. Most religions approve, and you can rest assured knowing your loved one is happy with your choices.

What if I can’t afford burial?

If your loved one didn’t leave enough money for their funeral services, burial can be an unexpected expense. While most people believe burial is expected, they’re usually not ready to shell out thousands of dollars for the privilege. In this case, it’s okay to bypass their last wishes—especially if you’re the person responsible for paying the fees—and have them cremated and interred. Of course it’s disappointing for those who have certain expectations, but no one can fault you for doing what you can afford.

If you have questions about what to do with your loved one’s remains, you should talk to an experienced funeral director at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. Our team is happy to help you determine what the best—and most cost-effective—solutions may be for your situation. Call us today if you have any questions or concerns about your loved one’s funeral service and the process of making arrangements.

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