What to Say—and Not Say—to Anyone Who’s Grieving

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Everyone processes grief differently. But if there’s one thing that’s common among most grieving individuals, it’s that they like hearing from their friends. But what should you say to someone who’s grieving at a funeral home?

If you’ve ever gotten stuck trying to think of the right thing to say, keep reading. This post will cover what you should and should not say when trying to comfort a loved one.

What you should say

Let’s start with what you should say to someone who’s recently lost a loved one. Saying anything of these things might make your friend or family member feel a bit better:

  • I’m sorry for your loss: Saying that you’re sorry for someone’s loss is probably the most universally accepted phrase. This direct statement is simple, but it can really mean a lot coming from someone who cares.
  • I can’t imagine how you feel: Any time you say you “can’t understand” how someone feels, you’re able to open up the opportunity for a conversation. The grieving individual has the opportunity to discuss how they’re feeling, which is important at this moment of their life.
  • We all share in your grief: Telling a widow or widower that you’re sharing their grief shows them some extra love and support. You’re letting them know that you truly care without going overboard and saying too much.
  • I’ve prepared some meals for you: Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Preparing meals—and letting the person know you’ve made the meals—goes a long way to show your support and help them through this tough time.
  • You’re doing a great job: A few words of encouragement go a long way during someone’s grieving period. Simply acknowledging your loved one is doing their best can mean a lot and can help them cope.

What you should never say

It’s perhaps even more important to know what you shouldn’t say to a grieving individual. Avoid these statements the next time you’re at a funeral home:

  • They’re in a better place: Saying that a loved one is in a better place is a nice thought. However, that’s generally not what a widow or widower wants to hear. To a grieving person, the best place for their loved one isn’t in heaven—it’s on earth with them.
  • Everything happens for a reason: What could the reason be behind someone’s untimely passing? Get ready to answer that question if you tell someone that everything happens for a reason!
  • You’ll feel better in time: Ideally, the individual will feel better in time. But you shouldn’t be the one telling them this. Instead, we recommend telling your friend that they should take all the time they need to heal.

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