What Do Funeral Homes Do?

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Grief is something everyone goes through. Living long enough means that people close to you will inevitably pass away. In trying times like that, it helps to have a support system that can assist you throughout the grieving process.

But the death of a loved one presents several logistical challenges as well. That’s where a funeral home comes in. Beyond just planning a funeral service, a funeral home and its respective funeral director can help you make decisions large and small on how to best honor the life of your recently deceased loved one.

Here’s all the things a funeral home can do.

On-call service

A funeral home will assist with every part of the process, beginning with the transportation of the deceased’s body from the place of death to the funeral home or other appropriate facility. Deaths can occur at any time, and funeral directors are available 24/7 to take care of your loved one after they pass.

Discuss funeral plans with survivors

This is what most people picture when they think of a funeral home’s services. The funeral director will work closely with survivors to create a unique and personalized service that will honor the deceased person’s life. This includes everything from where the service should be held to what passages (if any) are read during the service and everything in between.

Preparing the body

Many people like to have a public viewing of the body during a funeral service, and the funeral home and its employees will get to work on preserving and preparing the body. This is an involved process that includes embalming, cleaning, dressing, cosmetic application, hair styling and restoration. Skilled morticians can aid the grieving process by letting people see the deceased one last time.

Help with paperwork

The last thing you’re likely thinking about after the death of a loved one is doing the required paperwork. Funeral homes and their employees can assist you with writing the obituary, the filing of the death certificate, the death notice and the filing of any death claim benefits.

Offer necessary funeral items

Whether it’s a casket, an urn, a memorial chest or a special vault, funeral homes have you covered. This also extends to any memorial items you’d like to offer during the service, like prayer cards, acknowledgement cards, guest books that people can sign or memorial folders.

Act as an intermediary

Funeral directors can reach out to the necessary contacts, like the clergy, the cemetery or the crematory to hash out what needs to be done. This can also include reserving and securing the requisite facilities for services and visitations as well as offering supervision throughout the visitation, ceremony and procession.

Answer any questions you have

If you’re fortunate, you might not be familiar with planning funerals, and there may be questions that you have about the process. Your funeral director is there for you during this trying time and will be happy to work with you, answer any inquiries you have and help facilitate the grieving process for you and your family.

Call any time for your funeral services

Knowing that funeral homes and their employees can help you with virtually any part of the funeral process can be comforting during a difficult time. If you’d like assistance with planning a funeral, give us a call at Marik-Baken Funeral Services Ltd. We’re available 24/7 to answer your call and help you and your family begin the grieving process in your time of need.

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