The Different Types of Funeral Services

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Funeral services come in many different forms to meet the needs of each family. Customizing funerals has become the standard, not least because people grieve in different ways. Green burials and crowdfunded funerals are some of the options that have grown in popularity in recent years. Here are the primary different types of funeral services you might consider.

Traditional burial

This is probably what you picture when you think about a funeral. This includes a visitation or viewing period, as well as a funeral ceremony and burial at the gravesite. This is also known as a full-service funeral, and is the main package most funeral homes offer. It begins with a viewing that allows people to view the body and visit with the family. Embalming is typically recommended for this, though some people choose to keep the casket closed and forgo embalming.

After the visitation, the funeral may be held on-site or at a church or other location of the family’s choosing. This usually includes a planned service with elements like eulogies, prayers, scripture readings and music. The body is then transported to the burial location. Following this, there may be a funeral reception, typically at the church or at a home of the deceased’s family or friends.

Direct burial

This is a more affordable option that occurs shortly after death, with the deceased being buried without any funeral service or other ceremony. Once the funeral home has the death certificate and required permits, the body is prepared for burial and transportation is arranged. This is a less expensive option, as the body is not embalmed and there’s no need for an expensive casket. In some cases, family and friends will hold a graveside service following a direct burial.

Full-service cremation

This is similar to a traditional burial in that there’s a visitation period and a funeral service. The body is typically embalmed as well. Following this, the body is cremated. The remains can be placed in an urn and kept by the family, buried or scattered, typically at a place that was special to the deceased. Cremation has become a more popular choice in recent years due to its lower cost and reduced environmental footprint.

Direct cremation

This occurs when the deceased is cremated shortly after death and does not include any funeral service or other formal ceremony. Because there’s no visitation, embalming is not done, and an inexpensive receptacle can be used for the cremation process. This is a less expensive option and is rapidly increasing in popularity with consumers on a budget. After direct cremation, some family and friends may choose to have a memorial service, which is often a less formal affair, to remember the deceased.

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