What the Role of a Funeral Director Entails

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When you’re planning a funeral for the first time, you might not know how funeral services work. For example, what does a funeral director do? Do you need one? How can they help you get through this stressful time? Read on to learn more about this person who will be such an important source of information and support when planning a funeral.

The role of a funeral director

Think of your funeral director as a guide to the end-of-life and funeral process. Their primary role for you is to provide information. They will inform you about timing requirements, how to file a death certificate, transportation and burial processes, refrigeration requirements and other body care needs. Their goal is to help you make informed choices about the funeral process.

Funeral directors also oversee staff, such as embalmers, death certificate clerks and cosmetologists. They can help you with obituaries, service details and casket selection. They may organize arrangements, contact cemeteries and help you with things like organizing military honors and death benefits.

Finally, funeral directors often provide support and comfort to grieving families. They’re experienced in helping survivors mourn their loved ones through thoughtful funeral services.

How to find the right funeral director

Unless your loved one pre-planned their funeral and end-of-life arrangements, you’ll need to search for the right funeral director. Since this is already an emotionally fraught time, the choice can seem overwhelming.

Here are some signs of a good funeral director:

  • They want to help you honor the deceased’s wishes: A good funeral director helps clients honor the deceased’s final wishes, whether those entail playing their favorite songs, getting certain flowers or not having a funeral at all.
  • They respect your budget and other restrictions: You’re already under enough strain as it is. The right funeral director will listen to your budgetary concerns, personal wishes and other restrictions, and help you figure out how to get what you need.
  • They’re able to guide you through the planning process: Funerals are often held just days after death. A good funeral director will guide you through the planning, including burial or cremation details, and the service itself.
  • They can help you personalize the ceremony: Since funeral services are often the last event held in the deceased’s honor, most people want to personalize them as much as possible. Your funeral director should understand how important it is to honor your loved one, and help you inject as much care and personality into the service as you can.
  • They will take care of all logistics on your behalf: It can be difficult to deal with details when you’re in shock and grieving. Funeral directors take care of all the logistics, from preparing the body to transportation and burial or interment.
  • They can help you organize an event or wake after the service: Finally, your funeral director can help you plan an event or wake that will take place after the service. This is often an opportunity for friends and family to gather to mourn the deceased.

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